Travel, Tours and Education

I love to travel.  I’ve been to 8 countries in Europe and 2/3 of the  states in the nation and a few other cool places.  When walking down the street in NYC there was an opportunity to tour a Scientology building.  I went inside and they told me all about Rob Hubbard.  They gave me one of his books/pamphlets about teaching. I was soon going to teachers school and I told them Joseph Smith’s 1st vision.  I didn’t become a Scientology.  I still get stuff from them in the mail. la-scientology-investigations-reporting-archive-20150409

In London the group I went with  toured the museum of Masons.  Some often like to compare Mormons temple ceremonies to Masons ceremonies.  I asked lots of questions to the man talking us through. One gentleman asked if my father was a Mason.  I came home to learn that my grandfather was before he joined the LDS Church.  I never met my grandfather.  _58A3745

Recently in my area us “Mormons” got a new Temple.  It’s beautiful.  You can see more the pictures here.4f8eedb4365d215a5ce9deeb3b5ca42d

I invited about 15 people to the FREE tour inside the temple.  Most took the paper invite, but some refused to even take it. I got answers like “I won’t go”  or “We don’t agree”.  Sad answers.  I was not asking them to take the discussions, and be baptized.  I told those top 2 stories to one of my 15-year-old kids who guardians did not want him to go.  I told him when he was 18 to check out what ever he wanted.   We don’t force anyone, just like the Mason’s and the Scientology.

A supervisor of mine her parents traveled through SLC.  They stopped to see nothing.  Only looking for gambling/food places.  Really?? that’s all you want?  Maybe they didn’t know about TEMPLE SQUARE.  Honestly, it makes me angry.  So Stupid.  There is a mall across the street, the church headquarters building and 2 visitor centers. AV100907cah0052-11[1]

One visitor centers has the movie “Meet the Mormons”, this Christs and the map of the City of Jerusalem. In the other is a look inside “small version” of the temple.   templeview-byscottjarvie[1]

This is inside the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.  It’s free for anything to go into.  On the bottom is a book store and on the top is a restaurant and you can see the whole square.  Church is held here and wedding receptions too. ut-josephsmith-memorialbuilding_courtesyintellectualreserve_680[1]

So go.  Anywhere.  Educate yourself.

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