Experiment: Read just ONE page of The Book of Mormon.

Brigham Young University (BYU) did an experiment recently.  The outcome was published in the magazine that comes to all alumni.  I was impressed with the stories I read. You can read them too.  As a missionary I tracked into people who were afraid of a a book.  They wouldn’t touch it, let alone read it.  How silly to be afraid of a book.  What is the worse that could happen?  New ideas or ways of looking at things? Unless negative there is never anything wrong with that.

Just one page!  One page is read and a the255px-Mormon-book[1] reader is encouraged to highlight those words and phrases that stuck out to them.

People of various belief systems—Christians, atheists, Muslims, and others—collectively read all 531 pages of the Book of Mormon. Their collective impression? This is a book about Jesus Christ. Some described it matter-of-factly, like Will, an atheist from Illinois, who read page 440 (3 Ne. 16:17–20; 17:1–9) and reported, “The page that I read seemed to reference the Old Testament, and I could see that it was talking about Jesus. If anything talks about God, this book does.”

Not all stories of people who read are told in the magazine, but you can read some of the responses in the BYU link given above.

So go ahead read just one page, any page in The Book of Mormon.  Print it out, highlight those phrases that speak to you and let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear.


Read just one page in The Book of Mormon here. 



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