The Book of Mormon teaches us what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

Very early on in my mission we tracked into a lady who told me “more from God was scary.”  REALLLY?  You’ve got to be kidding me. I guess it was if you didn’t live what you already have.  It’s been over 20 years and that statement still makes my eyebrows furrow and my eyes roll.  That women didn’t thing about what she was saying.

Today the whole state of Idaho had an unusual church.  It was broadcast from SLC and the last speaker was the prophet/president Russel M. Nelson.  He talked about the Book of Mormon.


What The Book of Mormon Teaches us:

Explains what is NOT true:


Original Sin

Infant baptism

Revelation has ended the Bible

A textbook telling on the crops and land of the area.

A treatise on ALL the forever people of that area.

Explains what is true.

A history

A treatise on agriculture or politics’

A treatise on ALL forever people of the western Hemisphere.

Testifies of a loving, living Father in Heaven.

The nature of the plan

The generation and divinity of Jesus Christ, his mission and ministry.

Global beacon of truth.  2 nations that he remembers the one like the other, that the testimony of 2 nations will run together.

Our moral agency and accountability to supreme standards with a mixture of Justice and Mercy.

The western Hemisphere and the other sheep.

The other people – lost tribes

The premortal life

The sacredness of the sacrament.

The state between death and the resurrection

The priesthood.

We are reserved to this day.

The cross= Atonement.


The creation, fall and atonement

Joseph – the son of Jacob.  Joseph Smith said “ I feel like Joseph of Egypt”

Choice land:  Liberty, beauty, natural resources, chosen- repository of Book of Mormon, World headquarters of the LDS church.

Other societies- 12 tribes of Israel

Pre-mortal life

Sanctity of the sacrament


Teaches the connection:  Creation Fall and Atonement

Joseph in Egypt is related to Joseph Smith and his inheritance with in the Abrahamic Covenant.


American is a land of Liberty and the world headquarters.

Instrument of Gathering  of Israel.



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