How is Faith Passed on? How us Mormon’s Do it.

I met someone on my mission who told us “I got to get my kid to Bible School via that Church over there, so my kid believes.”  I thought that was SO strange and would NOT work.  I KNEW you had to do it at HOME for it to really stick.  At least these kids would walk away with “there is a God knowledge”  But that is not enough.  You NEED to know is qualities and attributes of the creator of the world.

I’ve questioned in the last few weeks, where did atheism come from?  Adam, the first man, had direct contact with God.  He taught that to his children and then on through the generations.  Adam lived for a LONG time, so all those children could talk to Adam and learn from his first-hand experience.  Cain and Abel were his first children.  Both children heard Adams’s stories.  Abel was righteous and offered acceptable sacrifices to God of a living animal with out blemish to teach them of the Savior, before he would come.  Cain was tempted by Satan and wanted to offer fruits and vegetables.  These were not acceptable unto God.  Encouraged and tempted by Satan he killed Abel and was cast out- another proof that if one is not obedient, if one does not keep the commandments he/she cannot be with God. You are essentially on your own.  No help from the Heavens.  If you want to read more about this story, go here:  Genesis 5Moses Ch 6,


One learns about faith and religion and God, through a couple of ways.

  1. First hand experiences, (such as Adam, Moses, Abraham, Peter, James, and John, and Joseph Smith AKA Prophets!)
  2. Gaining Faith through hearing the stories of others who had those experiences.
  3. Angels speaking with men.
  4. Parents teaching their children down through the ages.

Joseph Smith said in the Lectures on faith #2:

30 The object of the foregoing quotations is to show to this class the way by which mankind were first made acquainted with the existence of a God: that it was by a manifestation of God to man, and that God continued, after man’s transgression to manifest himself to him and his posterity: and notwithstanding they were separated from his immediate presence, that they could not see his face, they continued to hear his voice.

31 Adam thus being made acquainted with God, communicated the knowledge which he had unto his posterity; and it was through this means that the thought was first suggested to their minds that there was a God. Which laid the foundation for the exercise of their faith, through which they could obtain knowledge of his character and also of his glory.

32 Not only was there a manifestation made unto Adam of the existence of a God, but Moses informs us, as before quoted, that God condescended to talk with Cain after his great transgression, in slaying his brother, and that Cain knew that it was the Lord that was talking with him: so that when he was driven out from the presence of his brethren, he carried with him the knowledge of the existence of a God: and through this means, doubtless his posterity became acquainted with the fact that such a being existed.

33 From this we can see that the whole human family, in the early age of their existence, in all their different branches, had this knowledge disseminated among them; so that the existence of God became an object of faith, in the early age of the world. And the evidences which these men had of the existence of a God, was the testimony of their fathers in the first instance.

Knowledge of God is best passed down from your parents.  You don’t speak of God at home?  You don’t pray over food or before bed or at any time? IT WILL NOT STICK!


I’ve been asked why don’t Mormon’s have schools such as the Catholic’s.  We do.  We have BYU Provo, Idaho, Hawaii, Jerusalem and LDS business college, but no, we do not  have- K-12 schools.  A protestant told me Catholic School’s are cheap.  They are created to create Catholic’s.  This is not to insult the Catholic’s.  I have friends in this religion and I love them.  family-church-attendance-993074-gallery

Mormon’s have 3 hours of church every Sunday and we are encouraged to have Family Home Evening usually on a Monday night.   FHE is supposed  to be about having fun or teaching the gospel in the home.  We are also encouraged to have nightly family prayers and scriptures study.  We want the gospel into their hearts.

Church looks like this:

1st hr:  Sacrament Mtg. We renew our baptismal covenant.  No paid clergy, different teens and adults give talks on subjects that were given them.

2nd hr: For adults Gospel Doctrine of Sunday School.  For teens the same,  For Children also Sunday School.

3rd hr.  Men go with men and women go with women after 12.  Kids are with their age groups.  Babies with parents till 18 months, then a nursery from 18 months till 3 years.

We are encouraged to have family prayer and family scripture reading every night.

What do we study?  Each one in a yr.  Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants. It keeps rotating every four years.

HS students go to Seminary either during school in high LDS populated areas, at 6 am before school if not.  I did the 6 am thing.  It was hard, but I loved it. I am glad I was taught to sacrafice.

If you are at a LDS College, you are required to take religion classes.  If you are at a state school or anything else, there should be a “institute” across the street where you can also take religion classes.

The gospel is a part of our lives in a big way.  If you lack knowledge it is due to 2 things.  1. You were not listening  2.  Your parents didn’t teach you.  You are absolutely encouraged to study for your self, with your family and use all the MANY BOOKS and TOOLS the church produces.

My friend believes she is “Good with God”.  This is the woman who only had a year, maybe a few years of Bible school.  She didn’t even know that the rainbow was a symbol that God would not flood the earth again.  I can guarantee, that she may feel she is Good with God, but God is not Good with her.

Be more than one step away from an atheist.  Be someone who studies! Get your own revelation that what you are reading is true.

Read, Pray, RepeatJoseph reading James

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