Travel, Tours and Education

I love to travel.  I've been to 8 countries in Europe and 2/3 of the  states in the nation and a few other cool places.  When walking down the street in NYC there was an opportunity to tour a Scientology building.  I went inside and they told me all about Rob Hubbard.  They gave me... Continue Reading →

The movie COCO and Gospel Truths

Spoiler Alert! My new favorite movie is COCO. It’s about the Hispanic tradition of “The Day of the Dead”.  I had never heard of that until moving to Idaho and I bought the DVD before even seeing the movie in the theaters.  I’m so glad I did.  There are gospel truth’s in this movie. Some... Continue Reading →

The Non-Christian, Christian

I’ve meet some people this last year that say they believe there is a God, but don’t know anything about him. They say things like “I’m good with God”, but don’t know that there are commandments about sex before marriage and they copulate with anyone on the first date.  (EWWWW-Sick) They are offended when they... Continue Reading →

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